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Singer, Shakira, son attacked by wild boars

Celebrity Gists   Sep 30
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Singer, Shakira, son attacked by wild boars

Columbian singer, Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, popularly known as Shakira, has revealed that she was attacked by wild boars while out with her eight-year-old son Milan.
The 44-year-old made this known in a post via her Instagram story on Wednesday.
According to her, she fought off two wild boars while trying to enjoy a day out at the park with Milan.

She further noted that the beasts took her bag but she managed to wrangle it back adding that the contents of her bag were all damaged.
"Look how two wild boars attacked me in the park have left my bag.

"They took my bag, shattered everything inside it, and going away with it into the forest with my phone.
"Luckly at the end, they left me the bag because I confronted them," she said.


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